Boliden in Sweden mitigates risk with ABB Cyber Security Fingerprint


Understanding that threats to control systems, especially those controlling industrial processes, are on the rise, managers at Boliden wanted to augment their existing robust cyber security program with a fresh perspective to ensure that they are doing all they can to protect their plant from cyber attacks.

Supplement existing security policies

When managers learned ABB offered a Cyber Security Fingerprint customized for the ABB 800xA control system, they asked ABB to perform the Fingerprint for the control system to help them validate existing security policies, and possibly identify areas they might not have considered. Their objective was to supplement their existing effective program of mitigating the risks of computer viruses and unauthorized access that can endanger production, data, equipment and people.

Customer challenge

  • Supplement their existing cyber security program with cyber security actions customized for System 800xA to further reduce security vulnerabilities
  • Procure a qualified, third-party review of existing security strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and prioritize new areas of protection and improvement
  • Increase Boliden personnel knowledge of cyber security

ABB Solution

Boliden chose an ABB Cyber Security Fingerprint to augment their existing cyber security program and possibly identify new cyber security vulnerabilities that could potentially put plant control systems at risk of malware or attacks.

The ABB Cyber Security Fingerprint is a cost-effective, noninvasive service that provides diagnostics, key findings and recommendations that help protect control system investments from security risks.

The Fingerprint uses a multi-layer approach to increase security. ABB collects data from over 100 critical points in the system and conducts in-depth interviews with plant personnel. A proprietary software-based analysis tool analyzes the Fingerprint’s findings and compares them with industry standards and best practices.

One of the Fingerprint’s key features is that it highlights areas of opportunity for protecting against security breaches caused by company personnel who carelessly or maliciously spread malware through software or USB peripherals, as well as threats from outside hackers.

At the Boliden site, ABB performed the Cyber Security Fingerprint to help the plant add layers of protection against System 800xA attacks and viruses. ABB produced a detailed plan that analyzed the plant’s control system security and recommended new actions that could provide further protection.

Boliden received confirmation that the facility’s current control system protection was effective, as well as an analysis of specific areas where protection could be strengthened. ABB explained potential ways that security could be breached, including new tactics used by hackers, that helped bolster Boliden personnel knowledge. ABB also trained Boliden personnel on new methods to help improve cyber security.


Boliden managers emphasized that the constructive and productive discussions between plant staff and ABB were a significant bonus during the Cyber Security Fingerprint. ABB experts answered questions, offered knowledgeable advice and provided key insights on the site’s existing robust cyber security program.

The Cyber Security Fingerprint provided Boliden with greater confidence in its ability to prevent cyber security breaches. The customer plans to have ABB provide Cyber Security Fingerprints at additional company sites.

Main facts

Industry Mining
Customer Boliden mining company
Country Sweden
  • Boliden chose an ABB Cyber Security Fingerprint  to augment their existing cyber security program and possibly identify new cyber security vulnerabilities that could potentially put plant control systems at risk of malware or identify cyber security vulnerabilities.
  • Greater confidence in the plant’s current program to minimize cyber security risks
  • Customized, detailed action plan that identified and prioritized new mitigation actions
  • Improved understanding of cyber security issues following in-depth dialog with ABB
  • Increased knowledge of proactive ways to prevent security breaches

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