Eurasian oil and gas company keeps high availability with ABB Service and ServicePro


With ABB servicing control systems using the ABB ServicePro Service Management System, this Eurasian oil and gas company has the comprehensive support needed to keep critical assets in operating condition.

Maintenance service for control systems

A leader in developing offshore oil and gas fields in the hydrocarbon-rich Caucasus area, is known for the groundbreaking projects it has launched in that region.

For more than a decade, ABB has played a crucial role in helping this company‘s operations run safely and effectively by supplying control system services. ABB provides maintenance service for control systems on all major assets, including offshore platforms, onshore terminals, and oil and gas pipelines.

In 2001, ABB provided an Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) that ABB continues to engineer and maintain. The ICSS provides increased safety to the pipeline, as well as the oil terminal and three platforms.

Company managers understand that ABB has the capabilities to provide expert service in their challenging geographic locations, so when they wanted to implement parts management that could guarantee availability across operations, they turned to ABB.

To perform this service effectively, ABB uses ServicePro Service Management System. Optimized parts management provided by ServicePro helps increase equipment availability and reduce downtime throughout the company's operational sites in the area.

Customer challenge

  • Maintain equipment performance at operations spanning multiple countries
  • Obtain comprehensive control system support for pipeline, terminal and several production platforms
  • Manage spare parts inventory for guaranteed availability across wide-ranging operations
  • Track inventory to identify needed spare parts

Long-term service agreement

ABB has a long-term service agreement with the company that includes control and safety system maintenance, logistics management, parts ownership, resident service engineers, training, and on-site engineering services. ABB uses the ServicePro Service Management System to schedule service proactively and maintain high equipment and process availability.

ABB service includes a wide range of offerings, from engineering solutions to lifecycle services that help customers maximize process automation assets.

ABB’s service agreement provides long-term maintenance support to ensure continuous process operation.

For this customer, ABB implemented and now maintains an ICSS, based on ABB’s System 800xA control system, which significantly reduces risk during system use. With its leading safety capabilities, ICSS is a critical tool for the oil and gas industry.

The 800xA system at the customer‘s operations includes operator workstations, AC 450 controllers and SG400 Safeguard controllers.

Along with control and safety system maintenance, ABB provides technical support, engineering services, and training for customer personnel.

These services have provided valuable long-term support for customer operations in this area. With ABB service, this customer maintains consistent standards at all sites, reduces disruptions and effects smooth transitions from product implementation to operation.

ServicePro Service Management System

ServicePro is a software and web-based tool that significantly increases management visibility into service and maintenance activities. ServicePro gives service personnel the data needed to make sound decisions.

Service people use ServicePro to collect, manage and apply best practices when providing service for ABB. Drawing on comprehensive libraries of best service practices, ServicePro gives personnel the ability to consistently deliver high-quality services no matter where they are.

ServicePro consists of five modules: Maintenance Management, Parts Management, Delivery Management, Optimization Management and Report Management.

Maintenance Management uses ABB’s best practices to help customers achieve longer equipment life. Maintenance Management provides service engineers with easy-to-follow service work orders, as well as information in a configurable interface that helps them clearly view activities and track work.

Parts Management gives customer and ABB personnel fast access to parts information so they can quickly assess what parts they need and the part’s inventory status. Parts service procedures are planned and scheduled to ensure parts are replaced during routine outages instead of during more expensive unplanned ones.

Delivery Management tracks the frequency of service events, hours and costs, to give management visibility into service operations. Personnel can access information from any networked PC.

Optimization Management is an interactive scheduling tool that manages the delivery of services on-site and remotely. With optimization management, facility personnel can implement equipment and process improvement services exactly when and where they are needed.

Report Management creates reports that provide increased operational understanding, improved accounting for parts and materials, and accurate labor cost tracking. With Report Management, users can identify the areas of service operations that are running well, and which need improvement.

For the Eurasian company, ABB and customer personnel use ServicePro to track and maintain the spare parts inventory over the company‘s extensive operations, including six offshore platforms and six onshore assets.

ABB initially gathered information on the company’s installed base consisting of 34,732 items before making recommendations on the 4,833 different spare parts relevant for the company‘s multiple sites. With this data, ServicePro accurately tracks and manages spare parts information, including availability and inventory location, for each piece of equipment that ABB maintains.

ServicePro allows the customer to ensure equipment accessibility across three countries. Critical spares are identified and held at multiple locations, and all other spares are held locally and maintained by ABB. With ABB guaranteeing parts availability within 12 hours, company personnel have fast access to the parts they need to maintain equipment availability.


With reliable and expert service from ABB, the Eurasian customer maintains smooth and uninterrupted operation across its diverse facilities. The sites have increased safety, uptime and optimized maintenance costs.

Through ServicePro, the customer has optimized spare part management so every site has quick access to needed parts. With better parts management and access, the company has reduced costs, improved equipment availability and increased efficiency.

Main facts

Industry Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Customer Oil and gas company
Location Eurasian Caucasus area
  • ABB's service agreement with the company provides long-term maintenance support to ensure continuous process operation.

  • ABB implemented and now maintains an Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS), based on ABB’s System 800xA control system, which significantly reduces risk during every phase of system use.

  • Along with control and safety system maintenance, ABB provides technical support, engineering services, and training for customer personnel.

  • Optimized maintenance at multiple sites
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer equipment emergencies
  • Lower costs
  • Reduced parts risk

ABB ServicePro Parts Management helps identify parts risk profiles, to ensure maximum system performance and optimum process performance.

The Caspian Sea region, as seen from space, is one of the most oil-rich regions in the world.

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