AC 800M High Integrity

The AC 800M HI offers a SIL3 TÜ certified control environment for combining safety and business critical process control in one controller without sacrificing safety integrity. When configured as a SIL1-2 system, the AC800M HI is realized in a 1oo1D structure by combining application execution in the PM865 with diagnostic and monitoring functions in the SM811/SM810. When configured as a SIL3 system, the AC800M HI is realized in a 1oo2D structure by executing application in both PM865 and SM811.

For embedded safety and control applications, all functions/types in standard libraries usable in SIL classified application are marked SIL2, SIL2 Restricted, SIL3 or SIL3 restricted. Embedded safety measures prevent inadvertant degradation of safety applications. SIL selection activates the relevant restrictions and limitations, such as only SIL marked elements to be used in SIL applications.

In SIL rated applications,it is possible to choose between three IEC 61131-3 languages, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, and Sequential Function Chart (only SIL1-2). For non-SIL applications, all five IEC 61131-3 languages are available for use.



AC800M Engineering

800xA's object oriented engineering environment with SIL-compliant function libraries efficiently supports the entire safety lifecycle. The 800xA engineering environment includes safeguards against non-SIL compliant configurations. Once identified as a safety application, the engineering system will automatically limit user configuration choices and will prevent download if SIL requirements are not met.

A series of safety measures are implemented both for the downloading process and runtime environment. These measures form an important part of the firewall mechanism for Embedded Control and Safety. CRC protection on different levels, double code generation with comparison and compiler with revalidation are just a few examples of the AC 800M HI embedded firewall mechanisms.

Specifically, System 800xA provides the following additional measures for safety system engineering:

  • IEC61131-3 language usage
  • Access control and override (force) control
  • Application change report
  • Application libraries and solutions

Programming Language

Function Block Diagram (allowed for Non-SIL and SIL1-3)

Function Block is a graphical language for depicting signal and adta flows by means of library-stored software elements and interconnecting signals. Function block programs are easy to develop and, thanks to the resulting graphical diagrams, also easy to read.

Structured Text (allowed for Non-SIL and SIL1-3)

Structured text (ST) is a high-level programming language. It has a comprehensive range of constructs for assignments, function calls, expressions, conditional statements, iterations, etc. ST lends itself well to writing advanced, compact - yet easily understandable - programs thanks to its logical and structured layout. For SIL appications there are some restrictions according to IEC61131-3 (Loops, parallell execution and Return is not allowed).

Sequential Function Chart (allowed for Non-SIL and SIL1-2)

Sequential function chart (SFC) is a graphical language for depicting the sequential behavior of a control system. It is used for defining time- and event-driven control sequences. A sequence is shown in flow-chart form, using steps, transitions and selection nodes. The language is amply suited to the handling of control tasks which are sequential in nature, i.e. consisting of a number of distinct steps, each requiring a number of enabling inputs where the comletion of the previous step usually is one of them.

See more details in the User Manual 800xA - Safety, Safety Manual

System 800xA includes a comprehensive library of standard reusable components that include extended automation entities such as faceplates, graphic elements, trends, document links, and alarm and events. In addition, ABB provides a broad family of industry specific libraries that contain pre-configured Control Modules, Function Blocks, and graphic elements. These pre-tested proven libraries significantly reduce the time required to engineer, test, and maintain control applications, while minimizing project risks.

With more than 30 years of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining safety systems, ABB provides a wide range of field proven applications, including

  • Fire and Gas systems
  • Emergency and Process shutdown (ESD and PSD)
  • Interlock systems
  • Burner Management and Boiler Protection (BMS)
  • Critical Control
  • High Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Pipeline Protection systems (PPS)

Safety Libraries

Supervision Library

The Supervision library contains control module types for detector input, system control and monitoring, overview presentation and output handling. The modules are applicable for general detection systems as well as SIL applications. Certified for use in SIL2 marked applications.

SupervisionBasic Library

The SupervisonBasic library contains control module types for shutdown logic. Certified for use in SIL3 marked applications.

Fire&Gas Library

The Fire&Gas library contain control module types for monitoring and control of protection systems that are typically used in a Fire&Gas system. All modules can be used in SIL classified applications. The Fire&Gas library use types from the Supervision library. This means that when you use the Fire&Gas library, the Supervision library has to be connected as well. Certified for use in SIL2 marked applications.

Communication Library

The communication libraries contain funcion block types and control module types for reading and writing variables from one system to another. The communication library for use in safety system is called MMS Communication Library. The function block types are to be used for non-safety critical functions and the control modules are to be used for communication between SIL marked applications (a certified link). Certified for use in SIL2 or SIL3 marked applications.

See more details in the User Manual 800xA - Safety, Safety Manual

ABB's latest generation of safety systems, the SIL3 certified 800xA High Integrity, constitutes an integral part of ABB's flagship automation offering; System 800xA. The modular and scalable system features a market leading level of integration to the System 800xA process control system ensuring significant saving across all stages of the system lifecycle.

While 800xA High Integrity is clearly taking safety systems development one step further in terms of integration capabilities, it does also feature several, less easy to spot, new design features further augmenting its safety integrity. Among others the system utilizes embedded software and hardware diversity in the logic solver and I/O subsystem respectively, diverse execution paths ensures that it is virtually impossible for random failures to avoid detection.

800xA High Integrity is available in both Dual and Quad configurations, allowing end-users to tailor their safety system solutions to meet the specific requirements of each installation and optimize cost. Safety integrity is achieved regardless of configuration and 800xA High Integrity is SIL3 certified in both Dual and Quad configuration. For continuous processes 800xA High Integrity is available in Quad configuration enabling availability figures of >99.9999% to ensure minimum production upsets or interruptions.

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