Honeywell DCS System Evolution to ABB 800xA

Whether you choose to evolve just your consoles or your complete TDC3000 or Experion system to 800xA, ABB’s solutions and know how will facilitate the migration in a cost efficient and secure way

Today’s automation solutionss are a blend of history. Islands of automation with different life cycles and capabilities makes it unnecessary risky and costly to keep production running.

Evolving your installed Honeywell control systems in a way that meets your business requirements is never an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult either. 

Consolidating your different DCS and PLC layers into one HMI creates a completely homogenous operator environment based on 800xA. ABB enables this through a step wise evolution, both for earlier generations of ABB and other DCS brands.

ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, tools and skilled personnel, the combination of which facilitates a smooth, stepwise evolution of your Honeywell control system where you retain what is still useful. Your reward is a production environment that is safer, more productive and competitive, and foremost, future safe.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

– HMI connectivity solutions
– Controller evolution kits and related services
– I/O connectivity solutions to System 800xA
– Field Termination Assemblies (FTAs) and different field cabling solutions for retaining existing field cabling
– Related Engineering libraries
– Evolution Solution Centers (ESC) with experts on the different DCS systems evolution concepts, including services for controller code conversion

The ABB mantra ‘Use what you have to get what you need’ is no idle slogan. With ABB as your control system partner, it’s a timeless truth you’ll appreciate over and over again.


How to implement System 800xA on top of your installed Honeywell control system?

The choice is yours: you can perform a step-by-step evolution in a controlled, invest-as-you-grow process, or implement a complete evolution that completely replaces your existing system. ABB has developed an integration between 800xA, Honeywell TDC3000 and Experion that enables you to enjoy all the benefits of 800xA but keep your existing Honeywell controllers as long as it makes sense. A next step could be a step wise replacement of the controllers and note that ABB can carry out that even if this is a batch orchestrated environment. The flexibility is yours in order to get maximum cost efficiency.

The key ABB value proposition is evolution via enhancement. This includes operator graphics, historical data, batch recipes, operator training, etc. We invest huge resources to protect your investment, and the result can be seen in time and money-saving graphical and database conversions, as well as cable kits that eliminate the need for extensive rewiring. You’ll find plenty more examples. What’s more, they all follow an individually-tailored pathway.

ABB’s evolution solution is a low-risk, incremental evolution strategy – adding value, meeting performance objectives, building strength on strength. It’s proven – it has worked for thousands of end-users and it will work for you.

ABB’s unique demonstration center in Marseille, the ABB DCS Collaboration Arena, hosts a blend of earlier ABB DCS generations and other DCS brands, all collaborating in one system using 800xA operator environment. Please visit us for a walkthrough!

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