800xA Simulator

Reduce the risks and the number of unplanned shutdowns, improve safety, productivity and energy savings thanks to realistic DCS simulation.

The control system in a simulator is disconnected from the physical process, and is instead simulated by a dynamic process model. By seamlessly extending your DCS it provides the same look and feel as the core functional areas.

A great number of large, medium and small 800xA Simulator systems have been installed in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp & Paper and Mining industries, and a large number of process model vendors within these areas have interfaced this ABB simulator.

800xA Simulator is a scalable solution in system size, functionality and control system connectivity. It is available in three editions: Basic, Premium and Professional.

ABB also provides training, support, service and software upgrade agreements.


Simulation support for all phases of the plant lifecycle

Engineering and Testing

Use standard engineering tools for design and configuration data transfer between simulator and real system. Verify / tune control logic before commissioning

Operator Training

Make operators familiar with the plant operation, start-up, shutdown, response on malfunction, emergencies and safety procedures prior to production start / modifications

Plant Optimization

Test software and application library updates, run "what if" engineering studies and verify control logic / process design modifications to improve productivity


Migrate from 3rd party DCS system to ABB 800xA via offline simulation to test and verify changes, design the process, train operators on the new HMI and get their feedback

Simulation capabilities

Process models
Supported systems
  • 100% realistic and correct behavior as the real system
  • 100% transferable operation, control and engineering skills
  • Cost and space efficient simulator platform
  • Exact copy of engineering data from plant system
  • Identical engineering environment
  • Automated reconfiguration reduces maintenance costs
  • Assures reuse through plant system’s lifecycle
  • I/O exchange with process model
  • Interface for activation of simulation functions
  • Run and freeze the control system
  • Run faster or slower than real time
  • Run the control system in steps
  • Save and load of different initial process conditions (100% production, cold start, etc.)
  • Automated or manual snapshot of current process condition
  • Recreate alarm/event lists and trends when restoring process conditions
  • Simulated I/O and protocol inputs
  • Simulated fieldbus communication between control systems
  • Record and Replay of operator actions
  • Hardware malfunction simulation
  • Physical I/O support
  • Configuration tools for System 800xA and the different control systems
  • Supervision tool for the system status
In a simulator system, the control system’s process I/O is stimulated by a dynamic process model. These process models can range from high-fidelity third party models to low-end models giving stimulation through control logic.

An external process model environment stimulates I/O through OPC Data Access interface of 800xA Simulator. A model vendor also typically supplies an instructor station from where training and test session are administrated (start, stop, scenarios, snapshot, etc), and it interfaces and activates simulation functions in the control system through the Link interface of 800xA Simulator.

The simulator product is provided with several tools:
  • Simulator configuration tools for System 800xA and the different controller families. The process model extent specifies the process units and sections that shall be simulated, and the controller configuration tools are used to select the controllers and applications that are relevant for simulation.
  • Supervision tool for the system status
  • Upgrade of initial conditions

800xA Simulator supports simulation of several control system in ABB’s portfolio:

  • AC 800M including High Integrity
  • Advant OCS with Master software
  • Symphony Melody (AC 870P and CMC50/60/70)
  • Symphony Harmony
  • PLC Connect for third party integration

The controllers run as Soft Controllers in a more cost and space saving computer hardware with Microsoft Windows, which enables you to utilize the full CPU and memory capacity in a computer.

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