AC 800M for Advant Master DCS

ABB AC 800M for Advant Master DCS, a modular DCS process controller in several CPU modules from low cost, medium power to high-power and full redundancy.

AC 800M is a modular process controller with a rich set of communication functions as well as full redundancy and support for a large range of I/O systems. Several fully compatible CPU modules vary in terms of processing power, memory size, and redundancy support - from low-cost, medium power to high-power, full redundancy.

Rail-mounted modules comprise CPUs, communication modules, power supply modules and accessories. Connectivity and expansion options make AC 800M exceptionally open and scalable; easy to connect and easy to adapt according to current control needs.

CPU and Control Network Redundancy 
The AC 800M CPUs  can be configured for CPU hardware redundancy. Here, two CPU
modules will run in parallel, one as primary and the other as secondary. If the primary CPU fails, the secondary CPU automatically takes over.

Network redundancy is based on the ABB RNRP (Redundant Network Routing Protocol). This protocol is designed for rapid detection of network failure and instant switching to alternative
paths. Network redundancy requires two independent IP networks, one primary and one secondary. Whenever the maximum number of lost messages is exceeded, the traffic switches to the secondary network. 

Powerful control solutions and reusable libraries
AC 800M supports logical, mathematical and time-based data processing. The functionality range for control applications is wide, from binary control to closed loop control, with advanced functions like auto-tuning and adaptive PIDs, fuzzy control, etc.

Predefined process objects like motor objects, valve objects, etc. are available. It is possible to build user-defined function blocks and hide their content to protect intellectual property.


Using AC 800M with Advant Master

These are the different choices when integrating AC800M with Advant Master and AC800M:
Communication Module Use Note
CI856 For Advant Master S100 I/O rack communication Each CI856 board supports up to 5 S100 I/O racks.
CI855 For MasterBus 300 data set communication to Advant Controller 450 and MasterPiece 200. Can be used for interlocks between controllers.
CI869 For Advant Fieldbus 100 data set communication to Advant Controller 450. Can used for interlocks between controllers if the Advant Controller 450 already has Advant Fieldbus 100.
CI854A For Profibus DP communication with S800 I/O. Existing Advant Fieldbus 100 needs to be replaced with Profibus DP.
TB840 For Modulebus for communication with S800 I/O. Existing Advant Fieldbus 100 needs to be replaced with Module bus.
CI853 For Modbus communication. Alternatively, use CI867 for Modbus/TCP based on Ethernet.

Exampels of communication between Advant Master and AC800M

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