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Automation Sentinel Program

Lifecycle Management Program for Distributed Control Systems

Keep your control system software up-to-date with evaluated patches, upgrade to new system versions, run performance checks and access relevant information related to your installed control system through a secured webpage. Benefit from price incentives on Advanced Services, spare parts, training and optimize the useful life and lifecycle cost of your control system.

Automation Sentinel provides exclusive services for the maintenance, evolution and continual enhancement of the installed base of ABB control systems. ABB recommends its customers to use Automation Sentinel for all its installed control systems. It provides services to maintain and continually advance and enhance your ABB control system installation. You may choose the level of maintenance and upgrade support that works best for your immediate needs and long-term pro­duction targets.

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Why subscribe?
Program levels and deliverables
Covered systems
  • Maintain operation and avoid loss of production - Higher productivity through enhanced software functionality
  • Manage your life cycle costs - Yearly subscription provides predictability for plant precise budgeting
  • Continuous optimization of your process operations - Improves system availability, performance and reliability
  • Supports changing business goals with flexible life cycle support - Introduce new technology at your own pace
  • Complete flexibility - Improve your control system over time. Always the best, lowest risk path forward
  • Protection of intellectual property - Your operator graphics and control programs are protected when new technology is implemented
  • Lifecycle support policy to help predict support for automation assets
  • System ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ policy that provides for incremental, planned steps for adding new technologies or upgrading technologies in existing systems while protecting installed asset investments

Automation Sentinel is our commitment to help you get the most value out of your current ABB control system investment; it protects your past and present, as well as your future automation investments.  

Maintain Basic

This level provides a set of lifecycle support basic services and deliverables focusing on the control system security and web access to timely and relevant control system information via My Control System and SolutionsBank.


Services to maintain the system at its current version. It is ideal for customers focused on maximizing the availability of their system while minimizing the introduction of risk and/or changes. The full support of ABB is available to maintain the system and to maximize the return on the original investment.

Maintain Plus

Maintain-level services, plus access to new software license versions as well as enhancements to installed products. This level provides increased flexibility to customers wishing to maintain its core control system platform but able to tolerate a moderate amount of risk in exchange for improved functionality.

Maintain and Evolve

All the services available in Maintain and Maintain Plus levels, plus the capability to evolve to state-of-the-art ABB control system products including System 800xA and Symphony Plus. This level provides the greatest flexibility to employ “leading edge” productivity and enhancement improvements.

Software maintenance and upgrades

Maintain Basic  Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
Software Maintenance  
Software Upgrades

Access to Expert Product Support ✓ 
Extended Software Support
Selected System 800xA control libraries  
ABB System Evolution Software Licenses   
ABB System Evolution Planning & Engineering Services n/a  n/a n/a $
3rd Party System Evolution Software Licenses  
3rd Party System Evolution Planning & Engineering Services  n/a n/a n/a $

Cyber and IT security + Hardware & Software Qualification Reports

Maintain Basic  Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
Cyber and IT Security Test and
Validation Reports
Hardware & Software Qualification Reports

Online access to relevant information

 Maintain Basic Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
My Control System Premium Access  ✓
SolutionsBank Premium Access ✓ 
Advanced Auto-Notification ✓ 
Plant Site / Group Subscriptions ✓ 

Advanced Services - Control system software and performance checks, Update services

Maintain Basic  Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
Benchmark $
Fingerprint $ % %+
System Health Check
$ %
Security Update Service $*

Training Services

Maintain Basic  Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
Web Coach % %+
Web Tech Talk % %+
Expert Workshops $ % % %

Hardware upgrades and Spare Parts

 Maintain Basic Maintain Maintain Plus Maintain & Evolve
Discount on Spare Parts
Discount on Spare Services
Hardware Step-up Service   % %

✓      Included in active Automation Sentinel subscription
%      Automation Sentinel subscriber is entitled to receive attractive price incentive  
%+    Automation Sentinel subscriber is entitled to receive a higher price incentive than with Maintain level
$*      Active Automation Sentinel subscription required, standard pricing applies
$       Available without an active Automation Sentinel subscription, standard pricing applies
—     Not available for specific subscription mode or without Automation Sentinel
n/a    Not applicable


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