800xA 有线网络设备

ABB’s portfolio of wired network equipment includes switches, routers and modular transceivers. The equipment is pre-configured for the use with 800xA.

  • 19 port rack-mounted switch
  • 19 port DIN-mounted switch
  • 10 port DIN-mounted switch
  • 5 port DIN-mounted unmanaged switch
  • NEW: 11 port DIN-mounted router
  • NEW: 3 port DIN-mounted router

Using this equipment full redundancy can be achieved, and single point of failure avoided.

Wired networks provide a reliable and robust architecture with numerous benefits, including:

  • Pre-defined configurations for the use with System 800xA.
  • High MTBF figures ensures long service life. 
  • Highly reliable Ethernet switches and routers running resilient network protocols dramatically reduce the risk of network failure. 
  • Temperature range of from cold start at -40 °C to operation at +70 °C with no air vents. 
  • Full metal IP40 enclosure with no cooling holes that could allow ingress of dust. 
  • 100% reliable network even when a media break occurs.


800xA Networks wired offering

Wired industrial switches
NEW: Wired industrial RNRP routers/firewalls
800xA wired industrial switches are specifically developed by ABB for use with System 800xA.

  • 19 port rack-mounted switch (NE840)
  • 19 port DIN-mounted switch (NE820)
  • 10 port DIN-mounted switch (NE810)
  • 5 port DIN-mounted lightly managed switch (NE801)
  • 5 port DIN-mounted lightly managed switch (NE802)

Increased availability and full redundancy

800xA wired industrial network equipment now contains an entirely new range of RNRP routers/firewalls, specifically developed for use in ABB's System 800xA networks using the Redundant Network Routing Protocol (RNRP).

RNRP enables a network architecture with two physically separate networks. In case of a disturbance in one of the networks, the communication automatically switches to the other.

High embedded security

The built in firewall filters out unwanted traffic, leading to a much reduced risk for disturbances and higher availability.

Significantly less maintenance effort

Using routers instead of servers minimizes cost and effort. Routers have a much longer life duration and therefore do not need to be replaced as often, reducing the maintenance and administration effort.

ABB 800xA wired industrial routers:
  • 11 port DIN-mounted router (NE870)
  • 3 port DIN-mounted router (NE871)

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