800xA 状态监控

800xA Condition Monitoring offers a common environment with a single user interface to display and analyze data about the health of assets.

With its predefined CMMS interfaces, optimized work processes are captured to enable truly predictive maintenance strategies.

800xA Asset Optimization offers a complete range of condition monitoring. Every key asset in the plant is equipped with an Asset Monitor that continuously monitors the health of an asset. The Asset Monitor detects plant equipment problems before they occur.

The Asset Monitor provides additional information like the Possible Cause of a problem and the Suggested Action to resolve it. This significantly reduces the time to determine the correct maintenance action.


Key features
Process instrumentation and valves
Electrical systems
Vibration monitoring
Loop performance
Heat exchanger performance
IT equipment monitoring
Generic asset monitoring library
Custom defined condition monitoring
Key features include:
  • An extensive range of asset condition monitoring capabilities including electrical systems, instrumentation, vibration monitoring, IT and process equipment.
  • Condition reporting according to NAMUR NE107
  • A single user interface - Maintenance Workplace - to perform asset health and root cause analysis
  • Guides on Possible Cause and Suggested Action to enable corrective maintenance action
  • A predefined interface with industry standard CMMS such IBM MAXIMO®, SAP PM® and others
  • Mobile phone and e-mail notifications and an easy access web interface enable instant maintenance reaction

Process instrumentation and valves:

Wide support for various fieldbus protocols by System 800xA allows a user to choose the best instrumentation and valve positioners for a particular application. All fieldbus information like topology design, device configuration and diagnostics is available in System Workplaces. Automatic condition monitoring detects upcoming maintenance conditions before a device failure can cause production disturbances.

Electrical systems:

Reliable electrical systems for power generation and power distribution are essential for plant uptime. The unique integration of power automation, using IEC 61850 protocol in System 800xA, allows not only control and supervision but also condition monitoring of high and medium voltage electric systems. Additionally, condition monitoring of low voltage equipment like ABB MNSiS switchgear and motor control gives maintenance personnel a complete picture of the plant. This complete scope of electrical integration ensures uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

Vibration monitoring:

Mechanical equipment like big rotating machines are often the key assets in industrial plants. Failures are costly and can cause lost production. System 800xA Asset Optimization provides various levels of mechanical condition monitoring from basic vibration monitoring to complete mechanical asset analysis with detailed root cause tools.

PID loop performance:

Good performance of PID control is required to maintain the defined process state and reduce wear on equipment. Control Loop Asset Monitoring (CLAM) performs automatic loop monitoring and detects both malfunctioning PID loops and control valves. Automatic loop monitoring with CLAM improves control performance and reduce costs due to less consumption of instrumentation air, less wear of control valves, etc.

Heat exchanger performance:

The overall energy efficiency in industrial plants is to a large extent dependent on the performance of heat exchangers. The Heat Exchanger Asset Monitor (HXAM) monitors deviations from defined operating points. The result is improved process performance and also reduced maintenance costs for heat exchangers.

IT equipment monitoring:

Modern control systems and the required integration to other type of systems rely on the availability of IT systems like servers, clients, networks and network components. With PC, Network, and Software monitoring functions, our 800xA Asset Optimization monitors and ensures the reliability of the IT infrastructure for the entire system.

Generic asset monitoring library:

800xA Asset Optimization contains a wide range of generic asset monitors that can be applied to any asset connected on the system. Generic monitors can be used for any type of monitoring. Examples are runtime monitors, counter monitors, X-Y profile deviation monitors, limit monitors, etc.

Custom defined condition monitoring:

The 800xA Asset Optimization framework allows customers to specify their own condition monitoring algorithm based on any available input data in the system. This framework allows custom defined condition monitoring. A typical use case is mechanical equipment with unique asset characteristics, which requires special condition monitoring algorithms.

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