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系统 800xA DCS 批处理操作

Improved production profitability with agile batch operations

800xA Batch Management provides the tools to allow user intervention to make the necessary adjustments and continue the processing of the batch through the control recipe procedure. An operator or supervisor can easily re-route the batch path to another allowable unit if the originally selected unit is not available or out-of-service. 

Extensive runtime editing capability.

Users with the correct permission level can perform a runtime edit on any currently executing recipe procedure. The runtime edit feature enables the modification of any subsequent operation or phase in the currently executing control recipe without stopping the recipe. Of course, all user-initiated changes are captured in System 800xA audit trail and batch production record.

800xA Batch Management supports network, multi-path and single path equipment configurations.

The configuration of all units, shared-use equipment modules, and exclusive-use equipment modules is integrated with the common object model of the 800xA system. This makes adding or “cloning” a new process unit as simple as copy and paste. 

In addition to the equipment allocation Batch Manager Actions (BMA) procedure blocks, all other resource management functions are accessible from the Equipment Overview display. 

The equipment information dialog is accessible from the Equipment Overview display. This dialog can be selected for any batch equipment unit appearing on the equipment overview. The equipment information dialog presents current status and provides the user with the ability to manually allocate the equipment, or remove it from service. The equipment specific attributes are also available for viewing from this dialog.


Resource management functions

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