System 800xA Libraries

Library Overview
The System 800xA contains both comprehensive and proven Control Libraries intended to be used to easily design simple to complex control strategies to fit any Process Automation and Safety application, including continuous, sequential, Batch, and advanced control. The libraries are probably the industry’s largest, containing everything from simple AND and OR gates to ready-for-use self-tuning – adaptive – PID controllers, which lowers the lifecycle costs through significant savings in the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of control applications and field equipments. Not to forget unique elements for direct interfacing with variable- speed drives and for easy handling of all the software-related redundancy features the AC 800M controller offers.

All functions/types in standard libraries usable in SIL 2 classified applications are marked SIL2. Communication modules and protocols that are not certified for safety critical use as well as non certified I/O modules, are possible to use in SIL classified applications for non safety critical functions, e.g. process feedback, status indications, etc.

Control Libraries
The following control libraries are part of the AC 800M control family and installed with the 800xA system;
  • Basic Library
  • Icon Library
  • Alarm and Event Library
  • Signal Library
  • Process Object Libraries
  • Control Libraries
  • Group Start Library
  • Sequence Start Library
  • Supervision Library
  • Fire&Gas Library
  • Communication Libraries
  • Batch Library
In some cases, specifically developed libraries for different industries and customers extend the 800xA standard library functionality. For example there are specifically developed libraries for industries like:
  • Pulp
  • Metals
  • Building Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Etc.

Control Libraries Overview

Basic Library
The Basic library contains basic objects such as converters, counters, timers, pulse generators and edge detectors.

Icon Library
The Icon Library contains icons that are used in Control Builder graphics
in most other libraries.

Alarm and Event Library
The Alarm and Event library contains function block and control module types for setting up alarm and event handling for objects that do not have built-in handling of alarms and events. 

Signal Library
The Signal library contains types for adding supervision, alarm handling and error handling to I/O signals. SignalLib also contains types to define different rules that make it possible to control the process to predetermined states (vote objects). Types from this library can be used together with both binary and analog control applications.

Process Object Libraries
The Process Object libraries contain function block types and control module types for controlling motors, valves, ABB Drives and INSUM Devices. Most types in these libraries are templates, that is, you can copy them to your own libraries and applications and modify them to fit your particular process. 
There are a number of Process Object libraries:
  • Process Object Basic Library
    The Process Object Basic library contains the basic Core types that form a basis for valve and motor control objects in other Process Object libraries. It also contains two simple types with reduced functionality and lower memory consumption.
  • Process Object Extended Library
    The Process Object Extended library contains a number of function block and control module types for general-purpose uni- and bi-directional control, and a number of types for valve and motor control.
  • Process Object Drive Library
    The Process Object Drive library contains types for building ABB Drives control and supervision.
  • Process Object INSUM Library
    The Process Object INSUM library contains types for building INSUM control and supervision.
Group Start Library
The Group Start Library contains control module types used to control and supervise the start and stop of process objects.

Sequence Start Library
The Sequence Start library contains function block types and control module types used to control and supervise the execution of process objects.


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