HART 设备集成

System 800xA Device Integration package for HART provides the necessary components required to manage a field device in the 800xA system environment.

HART field communications protocol is widely accepted in the industry as a standard for digitally enhanced 4..20mA communications with smart field instruments. A wide range of products is available today in the marketplace. HART preserves the 4..20 mA signal and enables two-way digital communications to occur without disturbing the integrity of the 4..20mA signal. The HART protocol is field proven, simple to implement, use and maintain.



Device integration
Device library

System 800xA Device Integration package for HART provide the necessary components required to manage a field device in the 800xA system environment, including:

  • Comprehensive device libraries of ABB and third-party device type objects
  • Fieldbus management tools for configuration, parameterization, commissioning and detailed diagnosis
  • Fieldbus OPC servers providing field device variables and status information to asset optimization applications and operator workplaces
  • Asset Monitor analyze asset status and condition information

New devices are continously added to the device library by the Device Integration Center
HART field devices are connected to System 800xA via S800 and S900 remote I/O modules and AC 800M local I/O modules.

Device Type Objects installed via Device Library Wizard to the 800xA System providing the essential Aspects for:

Device Management: Device Management software allows efficient planning, commissioning, and maintaining of field devices within ABB’s Industrial IT 800xA system.

Product Documentation: Product documentation is directly available at the device type object. Key product data are bundled in convenient electronic format. Thereby documents like data sheet, installation, configuration, and operation manual as well as maintenance and service manual are accessible via mouse click.

Asset Monitoring: Asset Monitor, Asset Reporter and Asset Viewer acquire and analyze asset status and condition information. They notify operators and maintenance personnel when an abnormal condition calls for maintenance action.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS Connectivity): CMMS Connectivity provides the seamless integration of the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) into the Industrial IT system environment. Asset related maintenance information is accessed via standard, preconfigured CMMS views allowing for the quick and efficient assessment of maintenance needs and status.

DMS Connectivity for HART devices: DMS Connectivity integrates the calibration device management system (DMS) from Meriam Instruments into the 800xA System and allows plant personnel to monitor field devices for calibration information and streamlines the maintenance workflow.

Device Library Wizard

Device object types for the ABB Industrial IT system environment are available from 800xA System media and from ABB SolutionsBank in the form of device type files. Users can add these separately delivered device object types to their System 800xA by the aid of Device Library Wizard. Thus device libraries can be managed according to the users’ needs.

HART Fieldbus Management Tool (Fieldbus Builder HART)
HART field devices are configured using the Fieldbus Builder HART. The tool allows device access from the control room and eliminates separate service bus wiring costs.
The main tasks are:

  • Managing (add, move, remove, or copy) HART devices connected to local I/O or remote I/O
  • Topology planning down to HART devices
  • Assignment of HART devices to I/O channels
  • DTM call up from System 800xA clients
  • Comparison of field device on- and off-line data
  • Upload, download and commissioning
  • Configuration of the 800xA Fieldbus OPC Server
All functionality is seamlessly integrated into the System 800xA environment. The user has the capability to configure and diagnose HART field devices from each System 800xA client using FDT/DTM technology. Device Management HART is the basis for all further HART device related Asset Management functionality in the System.

The OPC Server HART makes data available from HART devices to any desired OPC Client. As a result visualization packages which have an OPC Client interface, such as 800xA Asset Optimization or Operations, can access the data of the connected field devices. The OPC Server will be configured automatically from the HART fieldbus management tool.

In cases where device-specific DTMs are not available for HART devices, the Basic HART DTM can be used for basic configuration and parameterization by means of standardized Universal and Common Practice HART Commands.
If pre-configured HART devices are used, this functionality is sufficient to commission a wide range of available HART devices. The Basic HART DTM also allows reading of additional process variables and diagnostics information. In addition, it can force the device’s output to constant current mode, for simulating a certain measurement value. All devices using the Basic HART DTM are presented with the same look and feel. 
Device Management PROFIBUS & HART accomplishes design and configuration of the fieldbus topology and the configuration of the HART field devices. It enables adding, moving, removing, or copying HART devices. Upload, download and commissioning for HART devices are eased.

Device Management HART functionality is utilized to diagnose in detail problems with HART devices during plant operation. By the aid of FDT/DTM technology, a user interface to a field device can be provided that optimally supports the interaction with the device as defined by the device vendor.
Device Management HART is the basis for all HART device related Asset Management functionality in the system.

HART Multiplexer Connect

HART Multiplexer Connect integrates HART Multiplexer networks into the 800xA system. The integration allows to scan, configure, calibrate and diagnosis HART devices, connected to controllers (e.g. other than AC 800M), which do not allow routing of HART data through the system. Following standard HART Multiplexer hardware can be used:

  • Pepperl&Fuchs: KFD2-HMM-16
  • MTL: MTL4840
  • Elcon: Series 2700-F and Series 2700-G
As a result the benefit of the Device Management HART with the HART Device Library and its aspect functionality can also be used via HART Multiplexer networks.

HART Multiplexer

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