Control Builder

Efficient configuration

Control Builder can be used to configure AC 800M control and safety applications. In addition to editors compliant with IEC 61131, the Control Module Diagram Editor is provided for object-oriented design and engineering of control applications.

IEC 61131-3 engineering

Control Builder is a powerful tool for creating control solutions and reusable control libraries for the AC 800M controller. It is all done in a Windows-based environment, offering a wide range of control functionality for ABB’s industrial controller AC 800M. It supports all five programming “languages” according to IEC 61131-3.

Supported programming languages are:

  • Instruction List
  • Structured Text
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Ladder Diagram


Object-oriented programming using Control Modules

For scenarios where the plant design is driven by highly repetitive units, the Control Modules are available. With Control Modules, user defined types covering a unit like a reactor can be designed and efficiently parameterized and instantiated multiple times.

Out of the box function block library

An extensive library of functions available with Control Builder, containing everything from simple AND and OR gates to readyfor-use self-tuning – adaptive – PID controllers. Also included are unique elements for direct interfacing with variable speed drives and for easy handling of all the software-related redundancy features the AC 800M controller offers.

Basic functions can be combined into user-defined functions in order to adapt or aggregated such functions. User defined functions can be grouped into libraries for simplification.

Communication variables

In order to simplify the control application design and to reduce engineering effort, communication variables are available. Once declared, those communication variables can be used in any controller in the system and communication is built up in AC 800M compiler automatically.

Test and debug

Beside the availability to execute the control application in a virtual “Soft Controller” for test and debug, Control Builder offers a set of features for on-line testing, tuning and simulation:

  • Status inspection: The status of I/O signals, variables, etc. can be inspected on line. No manual tagging is required.
  • Force: I/O signals can be selected and forced to a chosen state
  • Overwrite: All variables can be overwritten on a single-cycle basis, after which the program takes over again
  • Tasks: Single-scan executions can be selected in the Task Properties window
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