800xA 快照报告

Secure your control system functionality after maintenance stops and upgrades.

The new search, presentation and report tool makes the operators more efficient, investigates system status and generates maintenance reports

The Snapshot Reports for System 800xA is a fully integrated system extension that provides you with a powerful search engine and report tool for your 800xA system; it provides functionality to search and present information from the whole 800xA system.


Use Cases


The Search

- Search criteria for any 800xA object- or aspect properties, compatible with any 800xA Library or System Extension like AC800M, AC400, Harmony, etc.
- Name pattern searches combined with specific conditions, can be narrowed down to only specific parts
- Can be configured to suit any user category (engineers, operators, maintenance personnel, etc.)

The Presentation

- Snapshot search is presented in a grid format, each row with 800xA object instance matching the search criterion.
- Direct link between the Snapshot search result and the actual object instance.
- Open any aspect or reference related to the object matching the search criteria via right click, like a faceplate, alarm list or process display

The Report

- After receiving the search result of a Snapshot search, the search result can be saved in Excel format.
- This functionality is achieved by a direct link to Excel
- The header of the Excel report will contain the name and date of the performed Snapshot search.

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