800xA 移动操作员界面

Improve visibility into your system, reduce time to correct problems regardless of your location - by having access to 800xA DCS system from mobile devices

Mobile support for 800xA is not intended for remote over the internet operation of a production environment. It is intended for production environment mobility where operators and production staff can view the process.

Due to the demanding requirements of industrial systems, it is highly recommended that specialists in WIFI industrial deployments are consulted for planning and implementation of the wireless solution.

Utilizing standard technologies, proper network design, and best practices, mobile devices can access the 800xA system over a secure wireless network. The customized 800xA iPad operator workplace, available via the ABB Library, provides a starting point for developing a workplace which is more suited to the smaller screen size of the iPad. The customized workplace is in the form of an .afw file which can be imported into the 800xA system.


Best practices for secure and robust implementation

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