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800xA 操作员界面

Enable your operators - give them the best workplace solution possible.

The decision which operator workplace to choose is not always an easy one. Number of screens and screen types, operator duties and performance requirements, and operations workflow are amog the important factors. Information needs to be obtained in the quickest and easiest way possible. ABB provides many operator workplace solutions. Operator workplaces can be customized with many features and options, giving the operator the best instruments for optimum control. Because in the end, it's all about human factors and decisions.

Pre-defined, large & extended operator workplaces

Besides regular pre-defined and large operator workplaces, customers also have the possibility to choose an Extended Operator Workplace (EOW), which comes with additional features such as improved integrated ergonomics and high flexibility for adapting to the operator's needs and performance requirements.


Operator workplace solutions

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