Freelance DCS changes the way to operate water treatment plant in Thailand

ABB’s Freelance DCS helped the customer to achieve fully automatic operation


The Freelance DCS changed the ways for operators at MWA, Thailand to operate the filtering process control. The MWA was established in 1979. It’s processes have been controlled by Human with only manual operation. ​

Using Freelance, the capability for the filtration and back-washing process could be increased

There are separated 32 filter ponds that in the past the operators had to walk or ride a motorcycle to operate. All sequences were controlled manually. But now, they ​planned to develop the filtration process from manual to fully automatic operation. Of ​course, all sequences had to be operated in accordance to the existing procedure. For ​the customer, the Freelance DCS was the best solution. With the excellence management and hard attempt of engineering team, this project has ​could be fully completed​ and fulfill the contract obligation​.

​The new system helped to increase the capability of the existing filtration and back-washing process. ​Backup is very easy and included in the system, so in case of a system failure a restore is child's play. ​The system is easy to extend by additional projects in the future. Freelance is a reliable system with easy engineering, easy operation, and easy maintenance which make smiles on the customer's face​.

Main facts

Industry Water and wastewater
Customer Metropolitan Water Authority (MWA), Thailand
Country Thailand

The Freelance DCS with

System integrator
ABB Thailand

Freelance DCS: upgrade could be performed in short time

The challenges for the system installation were that it was a very old system without any updated drawings, various hardware and wiring for existing local control panels were used. But the project could be completed within 8 months, which was required by the plant operator.

​After installation, the customer had a smile on his face, because he now has a reliable system with easy engineering, easy operation and easy maintenance.

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