Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint for diagnostic analysis of the performance of the control system

Identify possible defects or deficiencies, which could impede the process control system availability, reliability or operational performance

Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint is a follow-up service on the Benchmark. The same KPIs and data is automatically collected for a fully automated analysis of the configuration and performance and compared to system requirements and best practices. The report identifies possible defects or deficiencies, which could impede the process control availability, reliability or operational performance.

Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint includes a validation of following items

  • Device status of all the nodes configured in the AdvaBuild database
  • System Performance for CPU load, CCF load and memory pool usage
  • Message Statistics including communication services message statistics
  • DCN Statistics of current and maximum DCN (Distributed Communication Network) utilization
  • DBMS List Usage 

The Advant MOD 300 Fingerprint goes far beyond problem detection and briefing the results. For each finding it provides an individual 

  • technical explanation
  • severity evaluation
  • operational impact assessment
  • recommendation for actions and
  • documentation references.


  • Sophisticated report simplifies management decision process by focusing on high impact opportunities for improvement
  • Improvement plan provides clear path to quickly closing performance gaps
  • Provides a solid foundation for continuous improvement based on data analysis methodology.


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