Freelance Benchmark for a quick overview of the system status

System check with ‘traffic light’ KPI status report, with fully automated data collection and report generation within minutes after data upload

Before improving the control system performance the users get to know about the actual performance of a control system and ultimately are made aware of upcoming performance issues. The Benchmark service provides an automated control system health check and allows to benchmark system performance and configuration.


  • Easy-to-use tool for system data collection (onsite or remotely)
  • The Benchmark Report is available on My Control System web-platform within minutes after data upload and can then be downloaded as PDF document

This gives a first overview of the actual system status. For customers who want to have more than a “Go / No-go” analysis, ABB offers the creation of a Freelance Fingerprint Report.

How it works

As first step, the easy-to-use Data Collection Software is started manually on any computer in the Freelance System on site or remotely. It runs on a low priority level, in order not to strain the system in operation, resulting in a packed data file. The second step is to log in into the ABB Web Portal “My Control System” and upload the result file manually, by that keeping the workflow strictly under end user’s control. 

The web-based analysis compares the measured results against the actual specifications, requirements and recommendations. Deviations from the expected results are presented in the Freelance Benchmark Report. It presents a summary of the checks results in easy-to-read “traffic light” tables (green / yellow / red for good / ambiguous / incorrect).

The Benchmark Report is available within minutes after data upload and is achieved for future reference in the “My Control System” - web-based platform.


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