SattCon 200 for Satt DCS

ABB SattCon 200, a compact ABB Satt process controller for medium to large size applications with integrated terminal strips.

SattCon 200 is a comprehensive process control tool for medium to large size applications. The same I/O units can be used either centrally or remote, and it is possible to combine the two in a single SattCon 200 configuration. 

With many control systems, you have to accommodate various functions, such as alarm handling, outside the system. Not with the SattCon 200. The list of standard functions includes 16 separate PLC program modules, registers for data storage, recipe handling, excellent loop control capability, timers and counters, text handling facility, advanced alarm handling, autotuner, ready-to-use PID controllers and integrated communication.

The compact dimensions save on space while the integral terminal strips reduce cabling requirements and save installation time. 

SattCon 200 life cycle status
Series 200 is in the Active life cycle phase.
ABB has conversion tools available to migrate SattCon 200 to AC 800M, with proven use in several plants.




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