Satt DCS System Evolution

System Evolution for ABB Satt, a step-by-step migration or complete evolution of your Satt system to a later ABB DCS generation.

As DCS market leader with the world’s largest installed base of process control systems, ABB truly understands your needs for step-wise improvement and modernization of production equipment. 

To achieve continuous improvement yet still retain productive assets, we have developed comprehensive evolution solutions for Satt System/PLC products . Our evolution experts will help you develop your long-term evolution roadmap. We will make a complete review of your systems in order to identify upgrade opportunities with the greatest ROI and suggest an evolution path that will increase the efficiency and the productivity of your plant. 

Customer benefits:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Minimized downtime and disturbances
  • Re-use of the existing I/Os and their wiring
  • Extremely safe and short commissioning
  • Extension of the Controller/PLC Life Cycle

The SattLine evolution concept has already been used by several SattLine installations in different applications like Food & Beverage and Power Generation. The new version of the conversion tool offers a very efficient SattLine DCS evolution path to System800xA vers. 5.1 with PG2 graphic editor (this tool will in most cases save more than 70% of the work that would otherwise be needed).

Automation Sentinel remains the key program for lifecycle system support as customers continue to upgrade and evolve their installed systems to our latest generation offerings. 



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