Parts StepUp Service for distributed control systems

The most cost-efficient way to replace your current system hardware with more powerful and up-to-date units

Your system hardware must be in control of your process at all times, regardless of system load. To assure this, it is now possible to Step-Up your hardware, by replacing it with more powerful units. This also extends the expected life time of the system parts.

Combined with Automation Sentinel, there is an even greater price incentive: It is the most cost efficient way of increasing system hardware performance, compared to any other way of acquiring brand new certified parts.

Parts StepUp Service for System 800xA is limited to System 800xA controllers (AC800M) and for System 800xA versions 3.0 to 5.1.

Parts StepUp Service - Availability by system and life cycle phase

System Active Classic Limited Obsolete
System 800xA


Advant Master

Advant MOD 300


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