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"I have spent almost two years in the ABB Operations Centre. When I was choosing a job, a big determining factor was my impression of my future supervisor at the interview. In addition to a pleasant meeting, the strategically advantageous location of the offices with excellent transport accessibility was also important."

What position did you take at ABB and what were your first days in the company like?

I joined the Testing and Documentation team in the software department as a Software Test Engineer. It was 18 January, minus 19 degrees outside in the morning, and after several years on maternity leave, I didn't even really know what to wear to the office. The first few days were quite hectic, because starting in the middle of the month (due to Covid), I did not participate in the initial set of training for newcomers. I was somewhat taken aback by the heap of information sources, apps and portals. And because of Covid, everything was handled on-line, so I only got to see some of my colleagues in real life for the first time after a few months.

What is your current position and what does it entail?

I'm primarily a tester, which means I look for bugs in other people's work. 😊  Primarily, of course, within apps developed in the software department.  Within our team, I also act as a coordinator, so I deal with the workload and job duties of other team members, the unification of testing principles across different projects, I try to pass on know-how, etc. My job duties are quite diverse and that suits me.

What was a moment at ABB when things didn't quite go as you imagined? 

A rather difficult period was the end of 2021, when a lot of work accumulated and I also had the impression that our communication was somehow not working on one of the projects. This lack of harmony considerably drained my strength and it was hard to keep going under all that strain. But luckily, it was just for a short time. At the moment, I work with people who make work an utter pleasure.😊 

What is your driving force for working at ABB and how do you recharge after working hours?

Apparently, I should admit that I am a workaholic. 😊 Which, for me, means above all that, unless there are some extremely adverse circumstances, my driving force is simply that I really enjoy my job. But besides work, I also have other real hobbies - for example, music. I recently got a clarinet, which I want to learn to play. And in addition to sitting at the computer, I sometimes go outside to do some physical activity - this year I'm learning how to garden, although so far it's more like destruction...

What do you think are the key factors to being happy at work?

The key, I think, is for one to enjoy it. This can be both a specific activity and the people who are around. Then, of course, it is also important that people feel valued for their work - and not only in terms of pay, but also in terms of support and recognition of colleagues. Last but not least, it is important, at least for me, that I feel that my work has meaning.

If you had to choose one characteristic of yours that helps you the most in your successful work at ABB, what would it be? Can you describe specifically how you put it into practice?

It’s probably multitasking. I think I make a lot of use of being able to reorient myself between many different topics and activities throughout the day and not to lose track of where I left off at the same time.

How would you describe the culture within the software department in the ABB Operations Centre or your team?

A relaxed and friendly environment where everything is dealt with in a calm manner. We go on team-building events together as a whole department, which is currently about 80 people and counting, and it's always a lot of fun.

Do you have any advice for job seekers who want to find their perfect job?

Don't work where you don't enjoy it and where they are unpleasant to you, and come to ABB. 😃  That sounds a bit too much like a campaign, doesn't it? But seriously, it wouldn't make sense for me to suffer in a job I didn't enjoy. On the one hand, it would be a waste of time, and on the other hand, I can imagine that it would affect my approach to the work itself, and my performance would not be very good either.

What are the decisive factors for you when choosing newcomers to your team? 

Life has taught me time and time again that it is better to choose with an emphasis on attitude than on them being a top expert in their specialisation. Knowledge can be supplemented by a studious person, but the approach is quite difficult to relearn. 

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