"Always on" - Interconnect and ABB

Data centers are the technological backbone of our information society. In today’s digital world, everything revolves around the reliability and availability of data center servers. For interconnect's data center in Eindhoven, ABB set up an advanced emergency power supply, which grows smartly with interconnect's business.


Availability is everything

Jeroen Stevens, CTO Interconnect: "Customers and end users must be able to rely on our systems. They depend on the information stored on the servers in our data center for their business operations. Availability is everything. That's why we chose a UPS from ABB."

Tight and stable

ABB installed the latest UPS, the DPA 500. This provides direct power supply in the event of a grid failure, without switching moment. The system also captures fluctuations in current and voltage on the grid. For example, the UPS provides a tight output voltage, which supports the stability of the servers.

Modular solutions that grow with the data center

Freek van Alphen, Segment Manager Datacenter Solutions at ABB: "Another major advantage that this system brings is the modularity. You can expand it step by step, limiting the initial investment and allowing the system to grow with your business. We have also applied this principle at Interconnect."

Life cycle management

In addition to the physical systems, ABB takes care of the entire life cycle management for Interconnect. ABB provides preventive and corrective maintenance for 15 years. For example, Interconnect does not have to worry about its emergency power supply and can optimally engage in core activities.


Jeroen Stevens: "Trust is key. That is the engine of our business. We therefore only work with partners who have proven themselves in technology and with whom we have a long-term commitment. ABB is that reliable partner."



The extensive knowledge and experience in the field of data centers played an important role in the choice of ABB.




Want to know more about modular emergency power supply for your business-critical systems?


The UPS DPA 500 has a power range of 100 kW up to 3 MW. With high energy efficiency, scalability and simplicity of management, this DPA 500 offers the best total cost of ownership in the market. ABB is happy to inform you about the possibilities in your situation;

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Segment Manager ABB Data Center Solutions
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