Secure Edge Data Center

All-in-one ready industrial data center solution

Customized for industrial IoT and digitization roll out

As the industrial world becomes more digital, customers need scalable and rapidly deployed capacity close to their infrastructure and plant. Secure Edge Data Center has been specifically designed to run in industrial environments, bringing enterprise-grade IT capacity closer to the point of data collection and machine control.

"A piece of the cloud, on site" – Customer Story

ABB, HPE and Rittal offer the Secure Edge Data Center which enables an ABB Smart Buildings factory to secure vast amounts of data on premise while allowing reductions of investment costs by 30%, operating cost by up to 20% through energy savings and CO2 emissions of up to 20%.

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Key characteristics

Great partnership between ABB, HPE and Rittal

Partnership enables IoT-enhanced production plants and smart industry initiatives

This solution is being developed in collaboration between ABB, HPE and Rittal, and will be an off-the-shelf ready IT data center solution enabling real-time insight and action.

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