Digital Industry

The digitalization is changing today’s industry in many ways. Intelligent devices, broad interconnectivity and a free flow of data pose new value to ABB’s customers: increased productivity, novel product offerings through mass-customization and increased safety of human workforce. The availability of massive amount of data offers new opportunities for the application of industrial artificial intelligence technologies to pave the road towards autonomous and sustainable industrial solutions and systems.

Our research activities contribute to create value by extending the digital offering portfolio of ABB across all customer segments for the complete value chain in order to achieve a highly flexible, efficient and sustainable production. Increased robustness, reliability, performance, and security, as well as hidden complexity and modern connectivity are the corner stones.

At the German Corporate Research Center, we support this with a strong focus on research and technology development: we drive the digital transformation of secure systems that create and aggregate data from device to edge and cloud level. This way, we generate information as a basis for value adding solutions and services. Furthermore, we strive to deliver innovative technologies to realize the digital plant e.g., 

  • modular and virtual engineering
  • modern automation concepts,
  • smart & collaborative robots,
  • scalable and sustainable system architectures,
  • integrated connectivity,
  • cybersecure systems & services, and
  • industrial artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions. 

The goal of all these projects is the delivery of technology prototypes to our business divisions. The development departments in the businesses then take these prototypes and complete them to product-grade solutions.

Our research topics

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