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Let's put our heads together!

The imperative for all industries to gain productivity, reduce costs and adapt to the "new normal", while reducing energy consumption and lower carbon emissions has never been greater.

With a service offering tailored to your needs, ABB Motion Services maximizes uptime and extends the lifecycle of your motors, generators and drives; while optimizing their performance and maximizing your energy efficiency gains across the entire lifetime of your applications. We help to keep your applications turning profitably, safely, and reliably. 

To help you prepare and plan for these changes, we are offering a free webinar series that will address today’s biggest challenges and tomorrow's opportunities along with solutions and tips on how together we can overcome them.

Whether you are looking into improving your energy efficiency and productivity, reducing your costs or jumping on the digital transformation, let's put our heads together starting with these webinars!

You just missed our live sessions! Register below to watch the recorded webinars. 

Reliability and its impact on the total cost of ownership

The reliable operation of applications, such as pumps, fans and compressors, has a significant influence on a company’s profitability over time. Application uptime is often directly linked to the performance of equipment such as motors and variable-speed drives which can have a considerable impact on a company’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

In this webinar ABB's Peter A. Wright discusses the factors that influence an application's overall reliability, the impact on operations and maintenance, and how to achieve optimal equipment uptime at the lowest total cost of ownership. 

Peter Wright
ABB Motion Services Quality & Customer Experience Manager

Make the right choices at the right time for your aging assets

Motor and variable speed drive applications in industries, utilities, transportation, and infrastructure keep the world turning and are fundamental to our modern way of living. 

Pauli Järvinen, ABB Motion Services Modernization Global Head, discusses how to make the right choices at the right time to extend the life of your motion assets and at the same time, improve their performance and energy efficiency. 

You can also learn about the benefits of systematic lifecycle management and how to manage your assets considering factors like maintainability, criticality, and efficiency. 

Pauli Järvinen
ABB Motion Services Modernization Global Head


Stay in motion with data driven decisions

Digitalization enables new smart and secured ways to prevent unexpected downtime, while optimizing the operation of your assets. Using our domain expertise, we can generate value through data to maximize your plant’s performance. 

Mari E. Haapala, ABB Motion Digital Lead, discusses about how actionable insights help you optimize and monitor the condition of your powertrain and how cloud-based technologies are utilized to help you understand and predict any potential downtime, enabling  the scheduling of maintenance services at a time that suits you. 

While the data is always at your disposal, there is a need for expertise to analyze it and define the steps for improving your operations. 

Mari E. Haapala
ABB Motion Digital Lead

Service partnerships to succeed in a fast-paced changing world

The world is changing faster than ever. Emergence of new technologies, new regulations and an increasing expectation for a more sustainable world create challenges, while opening new opportunities for many organizations. To stay ahead of the game, customers and service providers need to partner up beyond the traditional buyer-supplier relationship. 

In this webinar, Adrian Guggisberg, ABB Motion Services President discusses how service partnerships can help you to maximize the value you get from your motors and drives, while gaining the most from energy efficiency, digitalization and new business models. 

Adrian Guggisberg
ABB Motion Services President

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