Know your flow / Ensuring reliable water operation 24/7

Your water flow is protected with 24/7 service and support

To safeguard continuous operation in your water pumping networks, 24/7 global support and maintenance is a necessity. Your professional service partner must know your water system, and also be able to swiftly solve problems, both on-site and remotely. Service and support is a key factor in getting highly-reliable operation to meet obligations to customers, as well as for reducing Total Cost of Ownership in your water systems.

We are always here to support you, whether via urgent breakdown service, or long-term energy, productivity and reliability assessments. We can even supply drives for hire if needed.

ABB’s worldwide network of service hubs, complemented by our Authorized Value Providers program, guarantees that fast expert support is always nearby to your water and wastewater plant. Our certified specialists help ensure that your water keeps flowing smoothly and safely. And, based on ABB’s deep expertise in energy and productivity, our Reliability assessment gives you precise indications of predicted long-term life-cycle performance.

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Superior Total Cost of Ownership starts with targeted assessments

You’d surprised how much money can be saved by fine-tuning your total system. Cost savings can come in several places, including significant cuts in energy consumption for motors pumping water, as well as reductions in water pipe leakage caused by over-pressure or water hammer.

Our Energy assessment (Energy appraisal service) guides you by systematically looking at where and how you’re using energy, and then makes suggestions for savings using drives and motors. At the same time, we can also assess areas for improving precision and accuracy in flow monitoring and control. This, too, can lead to abundant savings by identifying and helping to remedy expensive water leaks.

Look at the combination of equipment

Next, we examine the compatibility of the specific combination of the equipment and devices in use. We assess your system productivity to find out if it is already working optimally, as it should be, or if new technology can bring clear energy-cost benefits. Operating expenses in a water plant are controlled, to a large degree, by three main factors: motor efficiency, drive capabilities and process knowledge. When all three are optimized, the impact on reducing plant running expenses can be dramatic.

We are always nearby to support you

Beside the energy assessments (energy appraisals), to further minimize chances of unplanned downtime we have a complete suite of diagnostic and condition monitoring services and support. Our aim is to always have the best expertise and technical know-how rapidly available to keep your water utility automation systems running. These include our life cycle assessments and services and our network of partners providing local value for all your water utility needs.

In most water systems, redundant lines are in place to minimize risk of troublesome interruptions. But that cost is often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reliable operation. With our Reliability assessments we can estimate how well a system will perform, in terms of costs and breakdowns, over its lifecycle. We also will give suggestions on how to make it work optimally, extending its lifetime.

In addition we have easy-to-use apps to register and track the installed ABB drives. Our Drivebase app can easily scan drives via QR codes and then provide full drive details, service recommendations, user manuals and troubleshooting advice. This helps simplify tracking and optimization of all your drives.

With ABB's Life-Cycle Assessments we can analyze the results of the installed base and then produce a Life-Cycle condition report for the automation system controlling the water pumps. From there, we can work out a plan together with the water utility to ensure the reliable and long lasting operation of the pumping system.  

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