PROFIsafe safety functions module, FSPS-21

Seamless safety functionality and communication between a drive and a safety PLC

To ensure a reliable safety solution for your machine building needs the PROFIsafe safety functions module (FSPS-21) helps connect the all-compatible machinery drive (ACS380), general purpose drive (ACS580) or the industrial drive (ACS880) seamlessly to a safety PLC. The plug-in safety functions module employs built-in safety functions through PROFIsafe and controls the drive through PROFINET.

Built-in safety functions
The module has PROFIsafe controlled Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop 1 (SS1-t) functions built-in. These functions can stop the machine safely when needed. They also make safety configuration unnecessary in the drive. 

Reliable and safe connection between the drive and PLC
The PROFIsafe safety functions module is TÜV certified and can be used in the most demanding of applications (SIL3 / PL e) without compromising safety. Using the module makes it possible to combine different types and sizes of drives with any safety PLC that supports PROFIsafe over PROFINET IO. Safety communication, drive control and PC tool communication using only one Ethernet cable is made possible using the FSPS-21. This "one wire" solution will reduce time needed to establish a connection between the drive and PLC.

Cost effectiveness through simplicity
By integrating the FSPS-21 inside the drive you will eliminate the need for external components like safety relays and contactors. The reduced number of components, simplified engineering and space requirements will speed up your work when you design your safety system

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