Legacy motion drives & controllers

ABB has developed a product life cycle management model aimed to provide proactive service offerings for maximizing product's availability and performance. The life cycle phases are active, classic, limited and obsolete. The availability of individual services varies dependent on the drive’s life cycle phase. This model provides not only optimum support to end-users but also a smooth transition to a new drive when the service life of the current drive ends.

Motion legacy drives and motion controllers

NextMove ES and NextMove PCI
MicroFlex Analog
MicroFlex e100
MicroFlex e150
MotiFlex e100 - Ethernet POWERLINK AC Drive 460 VAC
EuroFlex - EuroCard format AC servo drive
Flex+Drive II - AC servo drive
FlexDrive II - indexing motion AC servo drive
Mint-Drive II - programmable motion servo drive

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