Certification procedure and markings

IECEx certification

All products must be certified by an approved certification body (ExCB). This is valid for all products, regardless of what protection method they have or for which zone they are suitable. To receive an IECEx certificate of conformity, the product must be assessed to prove it fulfills the technical requirements set by the standards. Production also needs to have a quality assessment report issued by ExCB to show that the production facility has the quality system and level required by Ex products. The identification number of the certification body appears on the motor's nameplate. Inspection is valid for 12-18 months depending on the quality certificates available.

Since IECEx does not have an applicable standard for complex safety devices related to motor explosion risk, the drive integrated safety functions do not have IECEx certification.

ATEX certification

In ATEX, the certification process depends on the category of the product. Category 2 motors are always certified by a Notified Body. Certification includes product tests and factory inspection. Factory inspection is valid for 3 years and subject to annual audit. The identification number of the Notified Body appears near the CE mark on the nameplate. The certificate number is a part of motor nameplate marking. 

For category 3 motors, directives accept Self-Declaration of Conformity by the motor manufacturer. Self-Declaration of Conformity is based on internal quality control, checking that all motors produced comply with EHSRs. The CE-marking appears on the motor nameplate with no further number or indication. Complementary markings will not refer to a certificate number as there is no certificate.

ATEX certification is also required for the protective devices which have the required protection concept of the motor implemented. The drive integrated safety functions are within the scope of ATEX certification.
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