Bakker Sliedrecht chooses new generation ABB liquid-cooled multidrives for marine applications

ABB’s ACS880 variable speed drives (VSDs) save space on marine vessels with power density increased by up to 50 percent

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Bakker Sliedrecht, a specialist in drive systems for demanding applications in the marine industry, such as dredging, drilling and propulsion, is pioneering the latest generation of ABB VSDs. The Netherlands-based company has taken its technology to the next level by choosing ABB’s new ACS880 liquid-cooled multidrive modules. These modules are used anywhere that electric motors require reliable, responsive and precise speed control.

The new ABB ACS880 liquid-cooled multidrive has been developed for applications where saving space is critical. Compared with the previous generation, the ACS880 offers an increase of up to 50 percent in power density – for example, 2.5 megawatt (MV) of inverter power in a 800 mm cabinet. The unit also weighs 40 percent less. The narrow design allows maximum use of the restricted space available on a vessel – enabling Bakker Sliedrecht to achieve a space saving of 30 to 50 percent for the final installation.

New generation offers additional benefits

Marine installations are particularly demanding due to extreme conditions like tropical conditions (where temperatures can reach +50°C or even +55°C) and exposure to humid salt-laden atmospheres and aggressive chemicals. Robust electrical equipment is therefore vital.

The coolant in the ACS880 liquid-cooled multidrive takes care of the heat generated, so no filtered air-conditioning system is needed for the drive modules. This helps to reduce noise levels, increase the total efficiency of the converter installation and reduce installation and operation costs. An added advantage of the liquid-cooled system is that the drive modules can be fully protected against the ingress of dust and harmful chemicals. The result is that in some applications the drives are expected to last for up to 25 years.

A history of collaboration

Bakker Sliedrecht has collaborated with ABB for more than 20 years. This partnership has proved so strong that ABB presented a special award to the company to celebrate it ordering its 4,000th drive - a figure that has since increased to around 4,500.

“Our company enjoys many benefits from working in close cooperation with ABB,” said Bas Kluit, Bakker Sliedrecht’s drives system specialist. “In particular, we know we can rely on the performance and reliability of ABB’s drives. There is also the versatility offered by the extent of ABB’s product range, especially the choice of air-cooled or liquid-cooled versions, while the active front end design helps eliminate harmonics.”

Bakker Sliedrecht has already deployed the new ACS880 drives for a fleet of six vessels that will transport coal for a clean coal power project in Dubai.  Other installations include Spartacus, the world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger (CSD), and Bokalift 1, Boskalis’ transport and installation crane vessel.



Bakker Sliedrecht

Location Sliedrecht, Netherlands
Industry Marine
Deliveries ACS880 liquid-cooled multidrive modules
Keys to success

Compact modules with
- up to 50% space savings
- 40% less weight
- up to 50% increase in power density

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