Ellison AC passes the benefits of ABB's HVAC drives along to their customers

Dedicating plant room space in buildings is becoming more and more of a challenge in the UK and across Europe. Recognizing this, Ellison AC has carved out a niche as a provider of packaged plant room solutions that are manufactured in their purpose built facility and delivered on site. They can be installed on roofs, on concrete pads or even underground.

Strong client relationships are a key aspect of Ellison’s success. The client relationship means that Ellison looks to pass the benefits of the products they use inside their packaged plant solutions along to their customers. This includes the variable speed drives they use to control the pumps. 

Ellison AC decided to use ABB’s drive for HVAC, the ACH550, to control the pumps used in the heating, chilled water and condensed water applications in the packaged plant rooms. The design of the ACH550 even helps reduce build time and costs since it doesn’t require additional backplate mounting. “We’ve got to look for a product that is of excellent quality, and offers ease of installation both for the mechanical and electrical side of things. But ultimately we’ve got to look for a product that also brings benefits to our end-users – the people who are actually working day-to-day on the contracts,” explains Neil Dodgson, Ellison AC Projects Director.

In case you are interested to hear more about Ellison AC's case, please check the video, the case note and the article below.

Neil Dodgson, Projects Director at Ellison AC


Customer  Ellison AC 
Location  Lancashire, United Kingdom 
Industry HVAC 
Project scope  To control pumps used in heating, chilled water and condensed water applications in packaged plant rooms 
Drives and controls deliveries  ACH550 for HVAC
Keys to success  Energy efficiency, high level of local support and service, easy installation

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