Sarem Makina

Building reliable and dependable extrusion machines 

Extruders are a key element in plastic pipe production. At Sarem Makina they pride themselves on building machines that last. Since 2003, they have grown from a small company with only 5 employees to over 80, becoming one of the largest extruder manufacturers in Turkey. 

Sarem uses partners to supply components with the highest possible reliability. ABB components have been used in the machinery from the start. Now Sarem uses an evergrowing number of ABB components like drives, PLCs, motors, control panels and low voltage products.



Customer  Sarem Makina
Location  Istanbul, Turkey
Industry Plastics and rubber
Project scope  Reliable components for extruders
Drives and controls deliveries  Drives, PLCs, HMIs and motors
Keys to success  Reliability, global service and engineering support

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