Finnish sawmill uses ABB general purpose drives to increase production efficiency

At the Westas sawmill in southern Finland, the long production process is all about conveyor technology. Different pieces are transported; in the beginning of the process, they're heavy logs and then as different smaller pieces. For the process to flow smoothly, the conveyors use variable speed drives for flexible and accurate speed and torque control.

Pekka Kopra, the Managing Director of Westas Group explains the process: “First we move round pieces, which then are transformed into cants of various shapes and sizes and sorted to different locations on the production line. We have products in various dimensions, hundreds of them. It means that when we have products on a conveyor the speed and feeding has to be adapted to the dimensions of the goods, and this requires different conveyor speeds which can be achieved using high-quality variable speed drives.”

The production process for lumber is long; from the forest to the customers the process takes about 3 to 4 weeks. It includes several stages, of which drying and preserving the quality of the final product are the most demanding ones. All production by Westas Group is based on customer orders which steer the whole production process.

Pekka Kopra, Managing Director of Westas Group


Customer  Westas Group 
Location  Southern Finland 
Project scope  Automation upgrade to improve production efficiency
Drives and controls deliveries  Three pcs ACS580 general purpose drives
Keys to success  Reliable process control, easy commissioning and usage, global service with local presence

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