Safety functions module, FSO-12


Six safety functions in one compact and easy to install module

As the level of automation in factories continues to grow, so does the importance of machine safety in industrial applications involving motors and drives. When safety is designed properly it brings sound economic advantages, such as increased productivity and minimum downtime without generating additional risks. 

The optional safety functions module FSO-12 provides an easy way to extend the ACS880 series drives safety functions. This plug-in module is installed and cabled inside  the drive, enabling different safety functions and safety diagnostics in a compact and reliable module. The FSO-12 has SIL 3/PL e capability and conforms to European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The safety functions module is TÜV Nord certified.

Selection and configuration of a safety function in the FSO-12 is done with Drive composer pro PC tool, which is also used for other configurations in the ACS880 series. Safety functions that are included in safety functions module are:
  • Safe stop 1 (SS1) 
  • Safe stop emergency (SSE) 
  • Safe brake control (SBC) 
  • Safely-limited speed (SLS) 
  • Safe maximum speed (SMS) 
  • Prevention of unexpected startup (POUS)

Prevention of unexpected start-up can be realized using FSO-12

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