ABB Australia Motion Services at Eagle Farm, Queensland

For complete asset management of your traction motors - turn to ABB, the leading traction service business within the Asia Pacific region

ABB’s Motion Services workshop centre in Eagle Farm, Queensland, has been providing critical servicing to essential businesses across this geography for over 40 years.  We're your trusted full-service traction motor repair and retrofit partner

It's for this reason that the business is known as the Traction Centre of Excellence, offering a broad portfolio of services to support the extensive knowledge and expertise for all major OEM’s in the areas of: 

  • AC and DC Traction Motor overhaul and rewinds: Level 1, 2 and 3

  • Overhaul and rewind

  • Overhaul and rewind of auxiliary equipment including motor alternators, auxiliary generators, and blower fans  

  • All levels of mechanical repairs  

  • All works performed in accordance with OEM Instructions 

  • Manufacture and supply of spare parts  

  • VPI Varnish system with 3 options:

    -  Dobeckan
    -  Veridur (H62C) silicone
    -  TSA220   

  • Load testing 

  • Back-to-back testing 

  • Black band testing 

  • Tailored solutions for maintaining fleet

Refurbishing traction motors

At ABB Motion Services we can upgrade traction motors to accommodate voltage, power or speed changes, or provide a new insulation system to withstand higher loads. 

We also undertake all kinds of repairs on traction motors, including challenging repairs on the rotor and stator windings. The condition of the coil insulation is analysed by means of dielectric measurements. Wear parts such as bearings and carbon brushes are replaced, and the rotors are dynamically balanced. During refurbishment of DC motors the commutator is additionally reworked - the commutator surfaces are turned, and the lamella insulation is chamfered and undercut.

Our Eagle Farm workshop, comprised of expert service engineers, ensure we have the specialised know-how and equipment required for this work. 


Quality control and testing

ABB’s Eagle Farm workshop is a preferred traction service centre for leading rail maintainers and operators.  We'll support you with quality control and testing, no matter where your project is located across the Asia Pacific region. 

Every traction motor is put through a standardised test procedure before leaving the workshop. This includes no-load, insulation and voltage tests. 

Load and back to back testing options are also available. The workshop has the capability to perform full load tests up to 1000V DC and 500kW AC. 

Coil manufacture and rewinds

The ABB Traction Centre of Excellence at Eagle Farm features its own coil manufacturing facility. We source only the highest quality copper and materials in the manufacturing process to ensure our customers get an efficient and reliable product. Each coil is individually tested to international standards.  

Having an in-house coil shop means that ABB is in total control of all the material supply and quality aspects involved in the rewinding process to make things as convenient as possible for our customers. Lead times can be enhanced to meet customer requirements and once fitted, the coils are vacuum varnished in one of our VPI tanks which have 3 different varnish types available to meet customer specifications.    

Ready to get started?

ABB Australia’s Motion Services Traction Centre of Excellence approach to customer service starts with understanding your key servicing priorities. Be it fast repairs to fix problems when they unexpectedly arise, carrying out preventive maintenance to minimise unplanned downtime, or a focusing on maximising efficiency through optimisation and remote digital capabilities. 

We’re the partner of choice for rail and e-mobility businesses.  Our customers choose to work with us because of our reputation of high quality workmanship and the peace of mind that this brings. How can we help you?

Peter Borg
1800 222 435 

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