Cooling compressor control

Food and beverage software package for ACS580

From bakery to meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables - all require refrigeration across the entire cold chain.  This includes food process, cold storage, logistic centers and transportation. Hence, industrial refrigeration installations are one of the most critical in food and beverage production cycle.  

To help you run cooling compressors efficiently and reliably, we have developed a special package for ACS580 drive. It combines best-in-class drive technology with dedicated software for cooling compressors.

Download the cooling
compressors application guide

Learn how to run cooling
compressors efficiently and reliably

Built-in intelligence

Cooling compressor macro

Sets typical parameter values for cooling compressor application and makes it easier to commission the drive.

Multi compressor control

Controlling more than one compressor with one drive, when needed, by changing all the relevant parameters and settings automatically.

Pressure to temperature conversion

Internal scaling is done based on refrigerant. System then automatically adjusts the cooling by using the PID.

Short cycle protection

Provides time delays in order to limit the number of starts to avoid damages from repetitive rapid-starting cycles.



Our high-quality package solution, based on our deep F&B domain expertise, includes reliable drives, motors and PLCs that help prevent unplanned downtime and other process risks.

Energy efficiency

Cooling systems are the biggest energy consumers in food processing plants.The use of VSDs in cooling compressors will provide average energy savings of 20-40% compared to running in DOL mode.

Easy to use

The user friendly interface and all compatible drive offering brings simplicity and time savings.


By supporting all major Fieldbus protocols, wide I/O capacities and adaptive programming features, the ACS580 gives you freedom to design different kinds of control system topologies.


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