Industrial cooling direct drive motor and VSD packages

Simplicity. Reliability. Energy savings.
Everything counts.

Our direct drive motor and variable speed drive packages for industrial cooling replace the gearbox, driveshaft and induction motor typically used in cooling towers. This combination provides high torque and low speed required for these applications without additional drivetrain components. This results in less parts, less maintenance, lower noise and reduced risks.

Direct drive motor and VSD packages can be used either in wet or dry cooling towers, air cooled condensers (ACC) of air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE). Whether you are from power generation, district energy, metals or food and beverage industry, our direct drive motor and drive packages are the perfect solution for your needs in industrial cooling.

Package benefits
Direct drive cooling tower motor features
ACS880 Industrial drive features

Direct drive cooling tower motor and drive benefits

Less parts, less maintenance, reduced risks

  • Reduce maintenance and improve reliability. With this package, you can remove the gearbox, gearbox cooling system, driveshaft, couplings and bearings. This means no more gearbox maintenance, no gearbox oil leaks, no cooling water contamination and no long lead times for replacement parts. 
  • Same technology can be also offered in conventional, yet power dense, foot mounted designs that replaces the belt and sheave applications
  • Lowers vibration and system noise
  • Saves energy and eliminates startup current peaks and stresses from across-the-line startup. The drive smoothly accelerates and decelerates the fan to the speed needed, rather than running directly on line.
  • Anti-windmilling technology controls fan blades when the system is not operating
  • Simplified fan drivetrain alignment, only need to align the fan to the motor shaft, supported by a global service network that ensures local support, no matter where the motor and drive are installed.

Direct drive cooling tower RPM AC permanent magnet motor

  • Designed for outdoor duty to handle the extremes of 100% humidity and chemical environments
  • Prevents water ingress along the shaft
  • Motors are available with either foot or flange mount designs
  • Shaft height, diameter and flange mounting dimensions can be directly interchangeable with some existing cooling tower gearbox designs
  • High performance paint system and synthetic grease
  • Long bearing lifetime exceeding L-10 100,000 hours
  • For new or retrofit industrial cooling systems up to 650 rpm / 11,000 Nm

Motor ​features

  • Vibration pad standard for FL58XX frame motors and optional on smaller motors 
  • Thermostats are standard on all motors. Their connection is required to validate the motor's warranty. 
  • Winding stator RTDs are standard on FL58XX frame motors and optional for smaller motors
  • Water ingress along the shaft is prevented with the slinger over Inpro seal for FL44XX and FL58XX and with V-ring slinger on smaller motors
  • Multiple bolt circles on the N-end shield for easy replacement installations

ACS880 industrial drive

  • Easy to configure, simple parameter setup
  • Trickle current function keeps the motor warm and dry, preventing condensation
  • Prevents fan from windmilling when not running
  • Sensorless permanent magnet motor control built-in - no encoders or resolvers needed
  • Built-in deicing function keeps fan blades ready for operation
  • The drive adjusts the motor speed to match the process demand, saving energy and lowering wear and tear versus direct-on-line operation
  • Cooling tower control program is available for industrial ACS880-01 single drives and ACS880-04 drive modules

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