Drive, motor and PLC solutions for the sugar industry

Sugar processing is an energy-intensive industry that requires precise control and continuous reliability. ABB provides solutions that save energy, keep your process reliable and keep your plant safe.

At the heart of sugar production are motor-driven applications such as pumps, fans, shredders/slicers, conveyors, milling equipment and centrifuges. All these benefit from the use of ABB drives, motors and PLCs. Highly reliable drives save energy while improving productivity by adjusting the speed and/or torque of electric motors. From lower energy use through to high reliability, ABB’s equipment can make a significant contribution towards ensuring your next sugar campaign is a success.

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Switching to a modern ABB rib cooled motor and drive package on its cane crusher helped Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills in Pakistan to reduce energy use by more than 40 percent.

ABB drives and motors have enabled Santa Matilde sugar mills in Honduras to make a successful transition from steam to electric power, resulting in increased revenues of $1 million a year.

Energy efficiency
People/plant safety

Energy efficiency

The sugar industry is energy-intensive, but the good news is that a lot of energy can be saved in the production process. Here are a few examples of how we can help.

Did you know that milling consumes over 50 per cent of a plant's energy? 

Using only steam turbines in milling is not as efficient as using drives and motors to keep the machines running. By replacing traditional steam turbines with a high power motor and drive combination of up to 2 MW, you can save up to 50 per cent energy compared to traditional steam-turbines. Most sugarcane companies are self-sufficient in energy consumption. The more energy sugar plants save in their own process, the more surplus energy you can sell to the grid. Have a look at our generator offering for steam and gas turbines as well.

People/plant safety

The sugar industry is an extremely dangerous environment to work in, due to the high risk of explosions.

Did you know that sugar dust is just as explosive as gas?

What’s worse, you need to guarantee plant and people safety under these dangerous conditions. With ABB's certified motors for explosive atmospheres and ABB's bearings, gearing and couplings, you can guarantee the safety of your people and plant according to regulations all over the globe (ATEX, IECEx).
ABB’s high voltage rib cooled motor is one of the first of its type to have an IP66 rating independently certified. IP66 means that the enclosure is completely dust tight, which makes it ideal for sugar applications.


Time is definitely money in the sugar processing business. Having production up and running 24/7 is essential in order to stay competitive.

Did you know that centrifuges are one of the most demanding applications in sugar production?

Because of the high starting torque and mechanical forces, centrifuges are extremely demanding applications in sugar production. ABB's direct torque control in the drives enables improved cycle times and fewer breakdowns, so you can produce more in a reliable way. Reducing downtime is critical. ABB's process performance motors are designed to last in the most demanding applications. 


You can also benefit from our almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing drives and motors for the sugar industry.

ABB is a world leader in the drives and motors business. We have almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing drives and motors for the sugar industry. Each drive is tested with a full load in our factory. We offer the widest selection of motors and variable speed drives, from large centrifuge motors and regenerative drives, to IE4 synchronous reluctance motors and drive packages. In addition, we have a wide service network and specialists that give you peace of mind.

ABB's full offering for the sugar industry

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