Drive Application Builder

Combine your application knowledge with the world-class variable speed drives

Drive application programming allows you to add a competitive advantage to your machines. Thanks to the built-in PLC functionality of ACS880 drives, you can combine your application knowledge with the world-class AC drive.


The application program runs on top of the drive’s standard drive firmware. This enables the seamless implementation of custom control algorithms in addition to the standard drive functionality, access to the drive peripheral I/O and customization of the drive user interface.

Drive application programming is accomplished with the ABB Drive Application Builder tool and is based on the well-known IEC 61131-3 standard. This standard makes it possible to start program development with minimal training and to transfer customized programs to other platforms.


Benefits and features

  • Cost savings and higher reliability, thanks to fewer system components and simpler installation work as no external PLC is needed
  • Compact solution requires less cabinet space, as the PLC is inside the drive enclosure and has the same IP class

  • Performance and productivity improvements, since decentralized machine control enables faster control loops

  • No need for a separate HMI, as a drive control panel can be used instead in some applications

  • Creation of intelligent applications with several drives, using drive-to-drive communication

  • Using drive application programming for data collection and edge computing of field information


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