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MINT WorkBench

MINT WorkBench is a comprehensive Windows GUI for MINT programming and also provides a user-friendly interface for commissioning NextMove, MicroFlex and MotiFlex servo drives.

MINT WorkBench includes:

  • Full screen editor with color syntax highlighting of MINT keywords
  • Command line interface to interrogate the controller even when the program is running
  • Spy window to monitor common motion variables and I/O
  • Software oscilloscope - digital capture of 6 channels
  • Watch window for monitoring variables and tasks
  • SupportMe function with automatic email generation for rapid technical support
  • Web updates of firmware within the MINT WorkBench
  • Easy management of firmware files
  • Commissioning Wizard for step by step setup of drive, motor and control parameters
  • Network Wizard for step by step setup of Ethernet POWERLINK networks

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