BORDLINE® Traction Battery

BORDLINE Traction Batteries are lithium-ion based onboard energy storage systems that are characterized by high safety level and achievable lifetime. A BORDLINE Traction Battery is suitable for use as a traction or as an auxiliary battery and is designed for use in road, off-highway and railway vehicles.

Its modular design allows easy scalability in terms of installed energy and flexible mechanical integration either on the roof, in the machine-room or underfloor of the vehicle. The capabilities of ABB Ability™ platform together with ABB’s domain expertise enhances customer value by providing predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and optimization of the energy storage system with advanced remote diagnostic services.


  • Light Rail Vehicles: Partial or full catenary-free operation, braking energy recuperation and line voltage stabilization
  • Diesel Multiple Units: Braking energy recuperation, peak power assist, fuel economy, emission and local noise reduction
  • Electric Multiple Units: Catenary-free operation on non-electrified sections
  • Locomotives: Last mile operation and shunting operation in depots or yards
  • Shunting locomotives and tractors: Diesel-free operation in tunnels/depots/yards, fuel savings with braking energy recuperation, local emission and noise reduction
  • Maintenance vehicles: Operation without diesel engine to reduce emissions and noise during maintenance work, fuel savings with braking energy recuperation during transfer, reduce diesel engine maintenance costs, local emission and noise reduction
  • Trolleybus: Range extension without overhead supply, braking energy recuperation, and line voltage stabilization
  • eBus and eTrucks: De-carbonization of mass and freight transport and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Mining and off-road vehicles
  • On-board auxiliary battery for railway applications
  • Wayside DC charging stations

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