Green Electrification 2035 – taking Finland to carbon neutrality

Finland's goal is to be a pioneering carbon-neutral country by 2035, which means it must foster a massive growth in the share of renewable energy. As both a major challenge and a great opportunity for Finland, the green transformation represents a remarkable change that transcends many areas. 

What does this require, and what does it mean in practice? How do we ensure that the energy system remains secure and resilient? And how will the sector integration in the energy sector actualize in practice? 

System-level solutions

ABB's five-year program Green Electrification 2035 addresses the challenges of the green transition in the ecosystems that connect business and research. 

Launched at the beginning of 2021, the program will create system-level solutions for a new energy system based on green electricity, and will make a carbon-neutral society a reality. 

The program will focus on five different focus areas: power-to-X, resilient energy networks, climate neutral industry, smart sustainable cities, and carbon neutral transportation. 

The ecosystems, which also involve end customers, work together to find answers to specific questions about the future of the hydrogen cluster or urban energy maintenance. 

The Green Electrification 2035 program has received funding from Business Finland.

New business and exporting success

Ecosystem projects develop comprehensive solutions based on new technology. The goal is to create top level expertise and business for the industry in Finland and to create vibrant export products for the global market.

Leading the program, ABB will open up two of its key technology platforms to partners: drive controls for frequency changers and platforms for electrical grid and protection.
ABB invites companies to partner with the Green Electrification 2035 ecosystem. Do you want to be involved in creating the future and developing new success stories? Get in touch and get involved in speeding up the green transition! 

Explore the focus areas

ABB is the leading company of the Green Electrification 2035 program, which aims to find solutions that enable rapidly growing use of renewable energy. The solutions are created in ecosystems that include research organizations as well as companies.

The five focus areas of the program are power-to-X; resilient energy networks; climate-neutral industries; smart, sustainable cities and carbon-neutral logistics. The five-year program has received funding from Business Finland.
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