Solving customer challenges in expert partnership

As the food and beverage landscape evolves, the role of the system integrator, consultants, OEMs and partners is expanding to meet new sector challenges.

From ‘quick win’ KPI-focused solutions to transforming production line agility, designing an integrated approach to fit your customers’ needs demands deep industry expertise and proven process automation solutions. 
Build an expert collaboration

Choosing an ABB collaborative partnership allows system integrators to leverage our deep domain expertise to design and efficiently install cost-efficient customer solutions.
With our history of successful installations for food and beverage segments around the globe, it’s a collaboration that can unlock new customer and support networks.

Best-in-class solutions

Wherever your customer is on their digitalization journey, ABB works closely with you to deliver a adaptable, reliable and secure automation solution, tailored to their needs.

The result? Huge gains in safety, visibility and data-driven decision making

Our offerings

System 800xA

The #1 Distributed control system (DCS) on the market.
Maximize operational efficiency and add a seamless digital layer to monitoring, reporting and control.

Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES)

Optimize transparency and traceability across product and process.

ABB Energy and Asset Manager

Ensure cost-efficient operational reliability and reduce unplanned maintenance.

Why partner with ABB?

Proven expertise and training

Our global presence and comprehensive training mean we’re on hand to support your growth, as well as your customers.

Market-leading solutions

Fully integrated, saleable digital solutions, supporting fast, seamless installation, extended asset lifecycles and long-term operational gains.

Deep segment expertise

From sub-segment focused solutions like sugar libraries to our global success stories and our dedicated team of food and beverage experts, ABB offers the domain knowledge to support your project.

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