Plant Assessments

Help F&B manufacturers improve processes and reduce production costs - from power and automation to digital readiness

Competing in the F&B market requires productivity improvements, cost reduction and supply chain optimization.

The scalable portfolio ranges from digital plant assessments that can be done fully online, without travelling, to holistic plant assessments executed on-site. 

ABB’s F&B Assessments are customized to individual plants and center around a plant’s readiness and utilization of three key factors: energy, automation and digitalization. ABB experts conduct a plant assessment on relevant processes, including water consumption, power generation, energy efficiency, power quality and electrification.

The digital assessment is aimed to help customers evaluate their digital infrastructure and readiness to take advantage of ABB digital solutions. Results are then analyzed and a report is produced, allowing an improvement plan to be scheduled and implemented.


An outcome tailored to your needs

We offer a number of specialized plant assessments based on your plant’s unique needs


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