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We touch them every day. Thanks to them we power and control various devices. They are an integral part of our living space. Light switches and socket outlets. Besides their perfect functionality, they meet also esthetical requirements and individual tastes of customers. ABB wiring accessories are offered in numerous design ranges, in various shapes, finishes, colour combinations and materials used.
All you need to do is to choose and make your home even nicer and more comfortable.

ABB Tvisha Antibacterial range

Antibacterial products are tested and confirmed as per stringent guidelines of ISO 22196. All front touchable parts are having Antibacterial Features. To help combat the spread of germs, ABB has developed antibacterial treated ABB Tvisha range of wiring devices to keep the surfaces of our switches and cover frames safer. By incorporating an antibacterial additive compounds based on silver ions into the product
material, we can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria on frequently touched switches and cover frames. When used they provide a complete antibacterial solution.

Key benefits of the additives are:
• Non- migratory in nature
• Non- Toxic in nature
• Imparts Bacteria controlling properties in Plastic surfaces
• Food grade and ecologically safe
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