Tokuyama cement plant uses ABB industrial software to reduce energy consumption


Japanese cement manufacturer pursues a more efficient production process

Tokuyama’s Nanyo plant is one of the largest cement factories in Japan, supplying high-quality cement to customers in Asia, Oceania and Japan. The company has invested in efficient and sustainable technology that incorporates by-products, raw material waste and local fuel substitutes. With an annual production capacity of 4.8 million tons each year, every improvement in efficiency makes a big impact.

ABB automation controls, stabilizes and optimizes industrial processes

Tokuyama chose the ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer, an advanced process control solution, to improve efficiency and sustainability of production processes at its Nanyo plant. The system controls and optimizes the calciner, kiln and cooler processes. It will further stabilize production by more tightly controlling equipment, such as fans and burners, and their functions in each process. 

ABB Ability Expert Optimizer is an industrial software-based advanced process control solution that enables and automates the best operational decisions accurately and consistently. It draws on artificial intelligence technologies such as linear and non-linear model predictive control, fuzzy logic and sequential logic blocks to optimize and stabilize production. By coordinating the setpoints of different stages of the process, it can immediately detect deviations among the various operations. In this way, ABB Expert Optimizer helps plant managers to reach their productivity and sustainability goals, and typically provides a return on investment in less than six months.

ABB Ability Expert Optimizer reduces energy use and improves productivity

ABB’s Expert Optimizer reduced thermal energy consumption in the kiln by 3 percent while maintaining a high level of product quality. This advanced process control solution also reduced the number of manual tasks performed by plant operators by about 70 percent, and supports Tokuyama’s digital transformation and sustainability goals.

“We selected ABB’s Expert Optimizer to maintain the quality of our operations as well as improve efficiency. As expected, increasing automated operations has significantly reduced the time spent on manual tasks, freeing operators to do other tasks. ”

Mr. Ryota Kakimoto, Cement Manufacturing Department, Tokuyama

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