Alarm and troubleshooting with ABB Ability Data Center Automation solution

Granular performance detail, including time-stamping and occurrences of alerts and alarms, for your entire data center operations.

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ABB Ability Data Center Automation provides the tools for visibility, decision support and centralized controls to proactively resolve issues. In other words, with ABB Ability Data Center Automation operators
can “see” system performance and environmental factors that would typically go unnoticed until it is too late.

Decision support is provided in a context-sensitive manner, so that historical trends, forecasts, workflow processes, intelligent alarms and incident reporting provide the right information quickly for rapid response and resolution. And, centralized controls enable efficiencies through automation, which help reduce human error.

For example, ABB Ability Datacenter Automation alarm management and incident reporting tools enable faster response by helping data center staff see the root cause of an issue. Alarms are presented in various views providing the context needed to understand its impact. Also, alarms can be grouped by function, location, or other criteria, enabling staff to examine system and network issues. 

When alarms occur, relevant information is provided quickly for faster response. For instance, the Alarm Response Navigation function enables instant access of up to four predefined displays specific to the alarm, such as a trend display, installation drawing, or user manual. This allows troubleshooting  to begin immediately. Furthermore, ABB Ability Datacenter Automation helps reduce nuisance alarms from occurring in the first place. Built into ABB Ability Datacenter Automation is an alarm analysis tool that enables both IT and facility staff to address nuisance alarms by adjusting threshold limits and fixing defective sensors.

Finally, ABB Ability Datacenter Automation also provides incident reports that detail when the issues occurred and how long they remained before being resolved. Each incident report can list up to 5,000 records of previously resolved incidents. In addition to providing insight to troubleshooting, incident reports can aid with streamlining performance and validating all of the good work that is performed, too.

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