Cloud Computing and Data Center Automation

New opportunity for increased automation, reliability and cost savings in Data Centers

ABB enables cloud operators to monitor, control and automate workloads, energy management and costs in data centers via industrial-grade Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform - ABB Ability Data Center Automation.


Datacenter overprovisioning

Solution from the Cloud

Elasticity - ability to handle sudden extraordinary work loads

Solution from DCIM

Unified interface and load balancing

In a highly competitive environment, operators of data centers are increasingly seeking new operational efficiencies as the management of data centers, their IT systems and facilities – once separate activities – increasingly converge into more holistic operation.

ABB's alliance with partners helps achieve these efficiencies by reducing the need for capital expenditure; enabling more rapid time-to-deployment of infrastructure resources; and lowering energy and maintenance costs through better infrastructure management.

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